Inspiration found (And then)

Sleeping in on a gray fall day and walking with a furry companion to the beautiful lake to the east, where there it’s clear as day that the sun has indeed awakened.                                                                                                                                                                                       And there’s further joy found in phone calls with old friends, sharing love and laughter, re-connecting the dots and discovering the way.

And then, the sun DOES appear (and how!), brightening, lightening the sky and it’s so powerful it nearly blinds. Suddenly all you can see is white-hot heat and you’re rolling down a hill toward it, caring not what end you meet.                                                                          … until you reach your destination and see your friend–beautiful, kind, radiant being–and you remember the power of a smile the connectivity of spirit and how truly nourishing good, simple food is.

And then, just maybe the sun has once again tucked itself away behind the clouds and there is only cold air on your skin and all of the blood traveling to your stomach and to your heart and. And. And. You find yourself in a state of wonder, dreary sky and all. You remember the day is not made or broken by rain or sunshine, by haves and have nots, but by the lights deep down inside that sparkle, sputter, fade and shine.